Captain Jessica K. Bonesteel

Our Heroine...Captain Jessica K. Bonesteel, the commanding officer of the USS Humphrey Bogart,  is a sultry, kinky, obsessive compulsive Kansas farmgirl turned U.S. Navy sub driver. She is also one of the few women to survive being abducted by serial killer "Smilin' Jack Brokowski.


Captain Tony Truman

Captain Tony Truman is the commanding officer of SEAL Team 16. He is a genuine U.S. Navy blue blood; an Annapolis graduate with honors and the great, great grandson of former U.S. President Harry S. Truman.


Commander Darth Grenick

Commander Andrew Darth Grenick is the executive officer of the USS Humphrey Bogart. An experienced and practical officer, he often has to diplomatically reign in his obsessive captain.



Havoc is SEAL Team 16's dutiful canine. Bright, loyal, and courageous, Havoc is literally a dog of war.


"Smilin' Jack" Brokowski

"Smilin' Jack" Brokowski is one of the most sadistic and prolific serial killers of the twenty-first century. He is known to have tortured and killed over two hundred women, and it is suspected that the toll is much, much higher.



Jett is Jack Brokowski's loyal, obedient, and willing slave. She seduced her way into Jack's possession in a bar in Fort Lauderdale. 



in command of the renegade submarine stiletto, captain arpod is a short tempered penny pinching, pirate, smuggler and human trafficker.